How to Find the Perfect Vintage Window Treatment

Let’s talk vintage – are you in? Vintage is a style that has a specific taste – it is timeless, classic and unique. When talking vintage, there are two popular décor styles to keep in mind, they are traditional vintage and mid-century vintage. Both of these décor styles are inspired by other eras that are at least 30 years or older (according to

Finding interior décor to match these styles can be easy with thrift stores and garage sales, but matching your specific style to the perfect window treatment can be difficult. Not to worry though – Budget Blinds is the leader in window treatment customization and we have plenty of window treatments options to fit your vintage-inspired home!

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Traditional Vintage

Traditional vintage takes a past era and recreates it. This type of décor makes you feel as if you’ve stepped into an old television show like, “Leave it to Beaver.” Finding a window treatment to match this particular style of décor can be hard (but again, we got you covered with the customization!)  Custom wood blinds with cloth tapes are a great option for a traditional vintage home. Wood blinds come in a variety of colors, stains and finishes. They can also be custom color-matched to your wood trim or furnishings which is great for completing your desired look. By adding decorative cloth tapes to your wood blinds, you add an extra touch to bring out your vintage flair.

Mid-century Vintage

Mid-century vintage takes on the traditional vibe but with a BIT of a twist. It has a touch of modern style paired with the traditional to create a more updated version. Budget Blinds offers two great window coverings that are perfect for achieving this mid-century vintage inspired style.


Another mid-century vintage inspired window treatment is roller shades. Roller shades may seem like a very modern window covering but with a wide range of colors and fabrics they can transform into a vintage-inspired window covering. Roller shades with tassels or scalloped trims are great to achieve a vintage look with a modern twist.

Budget Blinds has a variety of opacity levels including sheer, light-filtering, room-darkening and blackout to provide you with a wide range for light control and privacy. Also, roller shades are pet-safe and child-friendly with various control options including continuous-loop lift, cordless lift, smart pull lift and remote control motorization.

Budget Blinds offers plenty of window treatments – and the best thing is they are CUSTOMIZED for you, and your style (including shutters!) Let us help you achieve your vision of a vintage-inspired home and schedule your free in-home consultation today!



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