Stay Warm with Energy-Efficient Window Coverings


Yes, you read that right… winter is here! And if you haven’t felt it lately, you better be sure to grab a sweater before you head out the door, don’t say I didn’t warn you 🙂  It is finally wintertime and the cold months are here to stay (until spring!) When its cold outside, the best feeling every is being bundled up next to the heater while reading a good book or watching a movie! On the contrary, the worst feeling during this time is trying to keep your energy bill down… am I right?!  In the winter,  people spend approx. 59% more on their energy bills! OUCH! Major hit to your bank account and major energy being lost…

Don’t worry thought!

We have a solution for you with energy efficient window treatments – only at Budget Blinds. Budget Blinds offers a variety of energy-saving window coverings that are not only stylish but will help you save money in the winter AND the summer too (note: efficient treatments help in the summer by to regulating indoor temperatures!)


Cellular and Roman Shades

Cellular shades and Roman shades are the TOP  energy-saving window coverings. Both of these styles are very trendy and have plenty of factors that help you save money on your energy bill.

blue cellular shades

Cellular shades (aka pleated or honeycomb shades) are designed to create insulation by trapping the warm air inside and keeping the cold air out! Cellular shades are very versatile window treatments with a variety of fabrics and colors to choose from. We have light filtering options including sheer, light filtering, room-darkening and blackout fabrics which help with privacy and insulation too! When they are closed, cellular shades will help keep in the heat and make every room pleasant to be in during the winter. For hot summer months, they block intense heat or they roll up all the way allowing for a view. Best of all, cellular shades have a cordless lift or one-touch remote control motorization making them easy to open and close as well as child safe (every home owners dream, motorized window treatments, right? :))

Roman shades are similar to cellular shades and are one of the most popular windows coverings for energy efficiency. They are stylish and offer plenty of energy-saving qualities. They too come in a variety of colors, prints and textures to add elegance to your home. Due to heavier fabrics, Roman shades can trap in warmth which can save you money on your electric bill as you would ultimatley use your heater less and less. Also, like cellular shades, Roman shades come in various degrees of light filtering options for privacy and light control.

Pink Roman Shades


Exterior and Interior Shutters

Exterior and interior shutters add value to your home while protecting it. Investing in shutters can be a major bonus to your home and allow you to keep in the warmth in the winter months or control a summer breeze by adjusting the louvers.

gray exterior shutters

Exterior shutters are wonderful for areas with extreme weather because they are able to add another layer of protection (hello, my clients who live on the river!). Having shutters adds more to your windows by shielding them from the cold weather. They protect you from other natural elements like rain and wind, preventing physical damage to your home. Exterior shutters as a whole add more security and privacy to your home while allowing you to still enjoy your view. Best of all, exterior shutters add value to your home and upgrade your home’s curb appeal – yes, we all love that!

Interior shutters are beautiful window treatments that again help with heat gain and loss for your home. These types of shutters are a window covering that is made to last and save you money (amazing!) Shutters will keep your energy bills low because they work as an insulation shield by preventing cold drafts and unbearable heat from entering your home. They regulate the temperature in your home so you won’t have to use the heater or air conditioner as much (or sometimes at all!)  Also, shutters will provide extra security because they fully cover the window when closed but still allow you to have an uninterrupted view when open. Shutters will benefit your home in many ways, making them a great choice for an efficient window treatment.

white interior shutters


Drapery on your windows is like having your windows wrapped up in a blanket (can you tell I am thinking of the winter!!) Drapes are designed for insulation because their heavier fabrics allow them to keep in the heat. During cold weather, drapery can reduce heat loss from a warm room up to 10%. Closing your draperies at night and during the day can keep in the warmth. Another way drapery is energy saving is by layering it with another window covering!

Saving money is essential during these cold winter months, especially with the upcoming holiday season. Save money with an investment in energy-efficient window treatments, trust me you will glad you did!!

Contact me today to schedule your free in-home consultation and start getting your home not only stylish for the holidays, but energy-efficient too! 651-351-7620 


Top 5 Window Treatments for Bay Windows

Bay windows don’t need to be tough!! Period. The ONLY thing that makes these windows a little bit more complicated is their shape (and awkward size)… but STILL they shouldn’t be tough! Bay windows are beautiful, and with the right window treatments, these windows can go from drab to fab (and if you’re lucky… to focal point!) 🙂

Most people will leave their bay windows bare because they don’t know what window treatments work and look good. Don’t do this!! Don’t leave these pretty windows bare. Instead, let’s connect and make them beautiful together 🙂

Here are my favorite treatments for your bay windows: 

1. Shutters

Bay windows add a beautiful “wow” element to your home, but without the proper window treatments they can bring up issues of too much light and not enough privacy. Shutters are a great option that can cover bay windows while giving  it an overall classic look.

At Budget Blinds, our shutters are custom made to fit your window (right from the start, we got your privacy concern covered!)  Additionally, shutters are low maintenance and easy to clean, also ideal for a large window.

shutter on bedroom bay window

2. Pleated Shade 

Pleated shades can cover your large bay windows at an affordable price!  Pleated shades are designed like a folded accordion – this allows the shade to stack completely flat for a full, open view. They come in sheer, light-filtering and room-darkening fabrics to give you complete 100% light control (soo nice!) In addition, shades provide UV protection, glare reduction and are an energy efficient window covering! My FAVORITE thing about pleated shades is that they are offered in the style of top-down/bottom-up  (see below picture). This style allows you to raise the top or bottom so you can maintain your privacy while allowing in sunlight, and also being stylish! Btw, did I mention… cordless!! 🙂

pleated shade for a living room

3. Roller Shades

Roller shades are also a popular window treatment and can also be 100% customized to fit your big bay window. Roller shades come in a variety of colors and fabrics to match any room and any style too! We have modern textures, elegant patterns, contemporary styles, etc.,… whatever your style is, we have a pattern for you! With our Inspired Shades Collection  we are proud to offer 80+ prints and patterns for your home! In addition to all this customization, there is a variety of opacity levels including sheer, light-filtering, room-darkening and blackout for privacy options too! These shades are beautiful and child-safe with the control options which include continuous-loop lift, cordless lift, smart pull lift, and motorized lift…. the list goes on, and on!

Bedroom roller shade

4. Top Treatment

Top treatments like valances and cornices are a wonderful way to keep your bay windows uniform and alike. Top treatments can provide a visual statement in your room without interrupting your view. They pair beautifully with a window treatment like a Roman shade or cellular shade, but they can definitely stand alone as a window covering. Its no surprise here, but we offer a variety of contemporary (and modern) fabrics for your top treatments to match your specific style. Let us come to you and help you!

colorful top treatment for a kitchen bay window

Cover your bay windows today, let us make those a focal point in your home!! Let us bring style to you!!  We will help you narrow down what’s the best fit for your challenging bay windows, and really can’t wait to show you how easy (and fun) it is!  Call 651-351-7620 and let’s schedule your free in-home consultation! Can’t wait to get started!

How to Find the Perfect Vintage Window Treatment

Let’s talk vintage – are you in? Vintage is a style that has a specific taste – it is timeless, classic and unique. When talking vintage, there are two popular dĂ©cor styles to keep in mind, they are traditional vintage and mid-century vintage. Both of these dĂ©cor styles are inspired by other eras that are at least 30 years or older (according to

Finding interior dĂ©cor to match these styles can be easy with thrift stores and garage sales, but matching your specific style to the perfect window treatment can be difficult. Not to worry though – Budget Blinds is the leader in window treatment customization and we have plenty of window treatments options to fit your vintage-inspired home!

lady reading

Traditional Vintage

Traditional vintage takes a past era and recreates it. This type of décor makes you feel as if you’ve stepped into an old television show like, “Leave it to Beaver.” Finding a window treatment to match this particular style of décor can be hard (but again, we got you covered with the customization!)  Custom wood blinds with cloth tapes are a great option for a traditional vintage home. Wood blinds come in a variety of colors, stains and finishes. They can also be custom color-matched to your wood trim or furnishings which is great for completing your desired look. By adding decorative cloth tapes to your wood blinds, you add an extra touch to bring out your vintage flair.

Mid-century Vintage

Mid-century vintage takes on the traditional vibe but with a BIT of a twist. It has a touch of modern style paired with the traditional to create a more updated version. Budget Blinds offers two great window coverings that are perfect for achieving this mid-century vintage inspired style.


Another mid-century vintage inspired window treatment is roller shades. Roller shades may seem like a very modern window covering but with a wide range of colors and fabrics they can transform into a vintage-inspired window covering. Roller shades with tassels or scalloped trims are great to achieve a vintage look with a modern twist.

Budget Blinds has a variety of opacity levels including sheer, light-filtering, room-darkening and blackout to provide you with a wide range for light control and privacy. Also, roller shades are pet-safe and child-friendly with various control options including continuous-loop lift, cordless lift, smart pull lift and remote control motorization.

Budget Blinds offers plenty of window treatments – and the best thing is they are CUSTOMIZED for you, and your style (including shutters!) Let us help you achieve your vision of a vintage-inspired home and schedule your free in-home consultation today!


Veteran’s Day and Remembrance Day: a Special Time to Honor Veterans


(but we couldn’t help pass it along!) 

Every November 11, people in the United States and Canada take time to honor their country’s military heroes and Veterans. In the U.S., it’s Veterans’ Day and in Canada, Remembrance Day to acknowledge the unpayable debt to all who serve in the Armed Forces, past and present.

Veterans Day and Remembrance Day

Celebrations abound in private homes, local communities and on the national stage with speeches, flag ceremonies, parades, picnics and fireworks. It’s a bittersweet time, mindful of the service and sacrifices of our military at home and abroad, while at the same time celebrating the way of life we enjoy because of those sacrifices.

Budget Blinds honors veterans all year long

Honoring veterans is a core value at Budget Blinds®, as shared by our Chief Executive Officer, Shirin Behzadi: “At Budget Blinds, we share a strong commitment to supporting veterans who have served our country. Many of our franchisees across the country are veterans or have personal connections to the U.S. Armed Forces, so we feel extremely fortunate to have the opportunity to give back to these true American heroes when and where we can.” This giving back takes several forms, including support of community service programs and career assistance.

In Canada, the partnership with Wounded Warriors Canada (WWC) focuses on supporting Canada’s ill and injured Canadian Armed Forces members, veterans and their families. The mission of Wounded Warriors Canada, to Honour the Fallen, Help the Living, is realized through supporting and funding programs and services that physically and emotionally assist and support veterans who suffer from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and other casualties of war. Together with our manufacturing partner, Springs Window Fashions® who produces our exclusive line of Signature Series® window coverings, Budget Blinds has made two $15,000 donations to WWC in the past two years.

How WWC help Veterans

U.S. veteran support efforts include placing window blinds into specially adapted homes for severely wounded Veterans through partnership with Homes for Our Troops (HFOT).  Springs Window Fashions supplies Signature Series faux wood blinds and supports the Budget Blinds’ commitment of donating $1 million to HFOT over a three-year period, which consists of a combination of product, services and cash donations. To date, two annual donations of $50,000 have been made and window blinds have been installed in almost 70 homes across the country by local Budget Blinds franchise owners, enabling the Veterans and their families to focus on recovery and rebuilding their lives.

Inside the Veterans home

The newest Budget Blinds partnership in support of Veterans is Designing Spaces’ Military Makeover airing on Lifetime® Television and by year end we’ll have participated in the renovation of four homes for deserving Veterans. Custom window coverings from our exclusive Enlightened Styles® product line are supplied to meet each family’s needs for energy efficiency, child-safe cordless operation and complete light and privacy control. For each show, the local Budget Blinds franchise owner gives their time to consult with the family and professionally install the blinds, shades or shutters of their choice. On each show, Tracy Christman, Vice President of Vendor Alliance at Budget Blinds, talks with hosts Art Edmonds and “Gunny,” retired U.S. Marine Corps Staff Sergeant R. Lee Ermey, about the benefits of having the right window coverings.

Tracy talking with Art about the blinds

Helping Veterans build businesses

Another way to honor Veterans is by offering substantial discounts to qualified veterans who purchase a franchise business with Budget Blinds or one of its sister companies, Tailored Living or Concrete Craft, all thriving franchise brands of Home Franchise Concepts (HFC).  HFC choses to honor and say thank you to U.S. and Canadian Veterans in a tangible way by helping them build secure financial futures through ownership of a low-cost, home-based franchise, scalable to the way they live and the needs of their family.

Retired Marine Corps, Ed Burns, now a proud franchise owner of Budget Blinds serving Costa Mesa, shares: “You have so much responsibility in the military; it’s really nice to be just responsible for yourself. I love it. I love being my own boss [with Budget Blinds]. I love the service we’re providing.”

Budget Blinds has been ranked "best for vets"

To find out more about franchise business opportunities for Veterans, go to Home Franchise Concepts/Veterans.

Check out the Giving Back section on our website to read more about how Budget Blinds supports veterans:

If you’ve been shopping for new window coverings and are hopelessly confused, save yourself and call Budget Blinds! We’re the experts with blinds, shutters, window shades, drapes, curtains, decorative window film and more, including energy efficiency, child safety and smart home technology for remote control window coverings. Call 651-351-7620 today, or go online to  to find the Budget Blinds Style Consultant nearest you and schedule your free, in-home consultation.

Get Inspired with Draperies!


    Draperies create beautiful everyday environments and allow you to color your world in a very personal way! Our Inspired Drapes collection gives you THE widest selection of drapes, soft window treatments, and custom pillows and bedding with luxurious designer touches, at a very attractive price. Vivid color or calming neutrals — every choice is a statement.

    Whether you want draperies to provide light filtration and insulation, or to add amazing aesthetic touches to your favorite spaces, we’ve got you covered! Our ready-made drapery panels offer you an instant decorating upgrade and color without commitment if you like to follow color and fabric trends. Additionally, we can help you design CUSTOM drapery, from trendy to modern or traditional to fully dress your windows, making your home uniquely your own.  Need help selecting drapery?

2016 TRENDS – have you tried them?

– This year, we watched as Budget Blinds predicted and described the upcoming trends and styles for 2016 (and we have LOVED them btw!) Looking back, we want to know… have you seen these styles this year? And if so, have you dared to be bold and try them in your life? What about in your home?


Here are the trends predicted by Budget Blinds:

Pale pink becomes a power color and takes center stage as one of two hues chosen by Pantone as Color of the Year. Large-scale blooms and botanicals bring nature inside. Gray reigns as a classic complement to lighter, chalkier hues. Metals, woods, glass, and ceramics bring textural interest and keep pastel rooms from becoming too cutesy.
              Screen Shot 2016-10-03 at 8.52.56 PM.png Screen Shot 2016-10-03 at 8.53.04 PM.png
Bold patterns and shapes executed in a brighter palette are anything but staid. The look is eclectic, with artisanal patterns and geometric shapes clashing—in a good way. Black and white temper the riot of colors and help anchor the space.

Inspired by travel and adventure, the trend is a modern take on global patterns, fabrics, and crafts. It’s all in the mix. Embroidery, caning, animal
hides, even macramé, give a handcrafted, organic feel to accessories. Soft pastels contrast with deep blues and grays. Ethnic accents complete the look.

Black continues to be a strong color preference for walls, windows, and metal accents. Vintage details add a timeless quality. Rustic woods contrast with classic shapes in furnishings. Leather, copper, wire, and natural elements give texture and shine throughout a room.
Texture and shine take center stage, with jewel-like accents amping up the glamour. Now more than ever, vintage shapes executed in modern materials look new and fresh. Velvets, linens, and leathers provide the all-important contrast of matte and gloss for a sophisticated overall look.”
Let’s elevate the style of YOUR home with trying some of these ultra modern trends! They can all be implemented so easily – and quickly too! Let’s get in touch and talk style with your FREE in-home design consultation! We should get started before the seasons start, it is effortless and I promise its fun! 🙂
Screen Shot 2016-04-20 at 3.53.06 PM