Thanksgiving Day Traditions that Make the Holiday Special

Thanksgiving is a day full of traditions that have been carried on from generation to generation.  Every family has traditions that might be a little different from others, but surprisingly (or not!) most families practice at least one of these top five traditions on Thanksgiving Day.

Check it out, here are some traditions to inspire you – or just to make sure you are doing it right 😉

1. Thanksgiving Dinner: Turkey, Mashed Potatoes and More…

The classic Thanksgiving dinner is a tradition that makes everyone smile.  Even if you have been bickering with family members all day, you know that once that turkey hits the table it will get quiet. A typical Thanksgiving dinner includes a turkey and ham for the main dishes. Traditionally, side dishes are brought by the guests to contribute to dinner.  Some side dishes include mashed potatoes, gravy, cranberry sauce, stuffing, rolls, salads and yams. Lastly, there is the best part of dinner–the delicious desserts like pumpkin pie with whipped cream, apple cobbler and bread pudding. DID YOU KNOW: this traditional Thanksgiving gathering dates back to November 1621?

2. Black Thursday Shopping: Shop till You Drop

Serious shopping is a tradition that has recently made its way into Thanksgiving Day. Until recently, Black Friday shopping would take place the Friday after Thanksgiving, but now  (very recently!) Black Thursday takes place pretty early in the evening of Thanksgiving Day. This tradition can take some getting used to for some family members, but it is a fun time to experience together. If you want to partake in shopping but don’t want to go out to the stores, some stores offer online shopping throughout Thanksgiving Day so you don’t even have to leave the house to get your early Christmas shopping done (ahem, ahem, Budget Blinds of Stillwater!!)

3. Football: Professional or Amateur

Football has been a large part of Thanksgiving, from a front yard family pickup game to watching your favorite professional teams play – there is ALWAYS a football game during Thanksgiving, and its a tradition! Football is a game that brings people together and can be enjoyable for the whole family.

4. Wishbone: Make a Wish

Breaking the wishbone from the turkey is a tradition that brings you good luck – have you tried it? Traditionally, the wishbone is set aside for three days to allow it to get brittle and then two people pull it apart with their wish in mind. The person who is holding the piece with the center section still attached will end up having their wish come true. It is a super fun tradition – children will LOVE it (and sometimes can’t wait three days!)

5. Be Thankful: Give Thanks

This is the tradition that this holiday is based on (a duh – its the name Thanksgiving!) Giving thanks on this day can mean different things to different people. Other families have the tradition of going around the table and saying what they are thankful for and what they want for the future. This tradition makes us take time out of our busy lives by stopping and giving thanks that we are able to have a wonderful meal with the people we love. No matter what your background, it’s a time to reflect and give thanks for all the good things in your life.


Non-traditional Traditions: A Few Extra

Here are some fun, non-traditional traditions that may take place in your home and, if not, maybe add them to your list for this year.

  1. Take a nap (who doesn’t love a good nap on the couch)
  2. Fight over who gets the Turkey legs
  3. Update your window treatments before the family comes over

Happy Thanksgiving to You!Happy Thanksgiving


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