2016 TRENDS –

Looking back on 2016 its fun to see what treatments were the most popular and what styles we were asked about the most! For 2016 the key words were “simple” and “minimal” with an emphasis on crisp, clean lines. .

1. Layering is a favorite!! 

Layering was a big hit in 2016 (and in general!) Layering is appealing to many as the overall look of the window treatment remains clean, and the palette is usually consistent for both treatments. In this situation, its best to blend the colors vs. work with contrasting shades. Any type of blind can be used for an easy layering look, but consult with us if you are wanting customization and style!  

2. Pattern is HOT! 
Patterns were fun to play with this year – some clients were bold enough to order them! New patterns highlight (and welcome) textures and designs throughout your home. Geometric patterns create a fun and energetic atmosphere, while large scale florals can add an element of luxury and elegance. Patterns don’t have to just be trellis styles, whimsical motifs etc, patterns are also bold colors – which is fun (and easy) to work with!

3. Banding is CLASSIC
Vertical or horizontal banding is very popular as it adds beautiful detailing and interest to any plain drape.  It creates a sophisticated ambiance, and it showcases style without trying too hard. Banding is a great idea if you want to add visual height or width to a space, as it tricks the eyes and provides an elegant look.

                  window treatments vertical banding     window treatments drapes with banding
4. Drapes are getting wider

Overall, the style of drapes is getting longer and wider – this makes the windows appear larger (and this style is definitely on point right now!)  Luxury materials like velvet and silk add a lush vibe to this look. And, surprisingly, these fabrics aren’t too luxury priced at all! Super fun, super stylish and super trendy – impress your guests by adding an element of texture to your draperies!
 1-softtopdarpery window treatments drapes 2014
5. Sheers are coming back! 

YAY! Sheers have always been popular(ish), but these days the sheers are miles away from the frilly, lacy, tulle fabric.  The “new” sheers (they are super popular!) have subtle opaqueness to them and sometimes they even have printed patterns interwoven in the fabric. The headings (curtain rods) are more modern and create a sleek look overall.

window treatments contemporary sheers    SolarShades_Sheer.png     Global Living / Bluefish Home - Showroom eclectic living room

What is your favorite style? Did you try any of these in 2016? If not, ask me today how we can freshen your style up with some fun trends of the year!
Call today and let’s schedule your free in-home consultation!!!
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