Cordless systems are my absolute favorite –  seriously. They are effortless, chic, classy and clean! With Budget Blinds, cordless systems are a great (and super customizable) way to control the light and privacy in your home. They are great for kids (super safe!) and are awesome for pets too.


– clean, uncluttered look.

– no constant adjusting.

– light control & privacy.

– safe & secure.

 If you have kids or pets. Window cords may become your toddler’s distraction, or a pets new favorite toy without proper supervision. In worst case scenario, these can become hazards that could lead to strangulation. Cordless window systems are a safer choice for children’s rooms or anywhere in homes with kids or pets. Now’s a great time to upgrade for free. Let’s connect and I’ll show you how! 🙂

Walls With Many Windows. If your windows are your walls (literally) – and you want to preserve that panoramic element, cordless blinds will give your interior a uniform and classy look. Cordless treatments provide clean lines and allows many shades to be adjusted quickly and easily.  When raised, (or half-up / down) cordless blinds are practically invisible. No cords (or hardware) get in the way of your beautiful view.

  • Motorized shades are excellent child-friendly window treatments because of their cordless operation and ability to be programed to open and close at your preferred time of day.


Let’s connect – I can’t wait to show you all your cordless options, customizable to your home! This month only, mention this blog and receive a FREE CORDLESS UPGRADE on your order!

Schedule your free in-home design consultation and I’ll come to you – shop for your home, in your home! Cordless systems are my favorite for a reason, and I so hope they become yours too!


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