interior sun solutions


“The sun tends to fade my furniture and my carpet!” i love natural light but i hate what it does to my furniture and floor! can you help me?

– Well, of course!” 

– I hear so many of my clients (and friends) complain about interior fading (furniture, walls, carpet, wooden floors, etc.) More times than often, I connect their comment with the level of their window treatments – they don’t have any (or they aren’t using them appropriately!)

Sunlight through your windows can cause color fading and deterioration of fabric over time (& it does!). Ultra-violet rays (40%), visible light (25%), and solar heat (25%) each play a factor. UV radiation degrades materials, while visible light and solar heat cause damage at a slower rate.

Window treatments from Budget Blinds block harmful UV rays and prevent fading. Blinds, shades, and shutters are designed to block unwanted light, protect your privacy, and maximize customizable light control.

 Budget blinds window coverings EFFECTIVELY FILTER LIGHT while maximizing light control

Check out this awesome video I found – there are SO many ways to customize your window treatments (stylish & classy!) Protect your interior furnishings from unwanted sunlight by choosing the perfect fit for you!


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