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Improving Veterans’ Lives with Fabulous, Functional Faux Wood Blinds

Okay, so I can’t lie – this blog post from Budget Blinds Corporate (love it!) I read the post and thought it was too good NOT to share! I am so proud to work for a company that gives back to the heroes of our country.

— Keep reading 🙂 

“Home” calls to mind many images and emotions.

  • Safety, love and comfort
  • Family and friends
  • Good times and good food

If, however, you are a severely injured military veteran, it may also mean inaccessibility, frustration, pain and threat of injury. That’s because standard homes are not built to accommodate people with special needs such as wheelchairs, prosthetics and limited mobility.

HFOT House

Since 2004, Homes for Our Troops (HFC) has been rectifying that situation for as many injured veterans as they can, as fast as they can, by building specially adapted homes for severely injured veterans Post 9/11, to enable them to rebuild their lives. To date, 211 homes have been built and 70 projects are currently underway nationwide.

Budget Blindsbecame a corporate sponsor of HFOT in 2014, committing to install faux wood blinds from our Signature Series® collection into all the homes built over the next three years. It’s been an exciting journey as, month after month, veterans and their families move into these new, mortgage-free HFOT homes. Blinds are donated by our manufacturing partner, Springs Window Fashions, and local independent Budget Blinds franchise owners do measuring and installs for the homes in their areas.  Read more about our relationship with HFOT by clicking here, and read on to meet the two newest home recipients.


Faux Wood Blinds are the right window blinds for all seasons!

Whenever and wherever the HFOT homes are built, white faux wood blinds from our Signature Series collection are ideal because of their versatility and high quality. Regardless the climate or season, our faux wood blinds create a comfortable and safe home environment for veterans and their families.

  • They provide energy efficiency by blocking sunlight to reduce solar heat
  • Made of durable polymer materials, they won’t crack, chip or peel and are easy to clean
  • Classic, white 2” slats are compatible with any home’s color scheme
  • They are moisture resistant, excellent for kitchens, bathrooms and laundry rooms
  • With UVA inhibitors built in, these blinds will not turn yellow over time

Faux Wood Blinds

Budget Blinds is available to help you with refreshing your own windows with our extensive line of window treatments including blinds, shutters, shades, drapes and more.  Increased energy efficiency will keep your summers cooler, eco-friendly products can help you go green, and cordless options, including motorization, provide child-safe environments. Call 651-351-7620 to schedule your free, in-home consultation! 

To learn about the many ways to support Homes for Our Troops or to make a donation, go tohttps://www.hfotusa.org/How_to_Help.

Summer Styles: Aluminum Shutters

 WANT TO TAKE THE BURN OUT OF SUMMER OUTDOOR LIVING? Aluminum Shutters are what you need!

June 20 is the official start of summer – that’s like two months!! And here in Minnesota / Western Wisconsin, we know that summer can actually pop up any day! Summer has a magic all its own, and it means outdoor get-togethers with family and friends and the love/hate relationship we have with the sun (and sunburn).

Budget Blinds actually has an answer for maximizing your outdoor summer fun!! Aluminum shutters are the PERFECT solution for ensuring that your outdoor spaces are livable (all day, every day) and tame the extremes of summer so your family / friends aren’t driven indoors. Simmering heat, summer showers and blustery breezes are NO match for the beauty and functionality of our collection of indoor-outdoor aluminum shutters! 🙂

Don’t let this summer melt away when you can have COMFORTABLE and PROTECTED outdoor living spaces with CUSTOM aluminum shutters that create PRIVACY, lower energy costs and add CLEAN DESIGN to your home. Call 651-351-7620 today to schedule your FREE, in-home consultation or go online to www.budgetblinds.com to find the styles and get inspired!! Discover just how much fun you can have in—and out of–the sun, and IN STYLE!!

Stylish Starts HEre

Screen Shot 2016-04-20 at 3.53.06 PM

CUSTOM ROMAN SHADES offer beautiful solutions for your windows!!

Colors + Fabrics + Drama = ROMAN SHADES.

Roman Shades Budget Blinds

A nod to their popularity for many years, Roman shades do have lots of names and, regardless of what you call them, they are sweet. Sometimes referred to as a combination of blinds and drapery, or even Roman blinds, Roman shades give the operational convenience of blinds or shades, with the opulent beauty of fabric drapery. With Budget Blinds® you can have elegant custom Roman shades by any name you choose:

  • Relaxed, Slouched or Soft
  • Classic and Reverse Classic
  • Balloon, Austrian or Cloud
  • Pleated, Knife pleat
  • Flat: Unconstructed or Constructed
  • Hobbled, Looped, Waterfall, Cascading or Teardrop


There’s a Roman shade for every need

Knife Pleat Roman Shade

Despite the wide range of names and styles, a Roman shade is basically a fabric window covering panel that folds up accordion style, creating even horizontal folds. When raised, a Roman shade stacks in folds at the top, providing the look of a decorative fabric valance. The amount of fabric and how the shade folds is what defines the design, from Flat to Hobbled to Balloon, and everything in between. Whatever you need covered, there’s a Roman shade to meet the need!

  • Narrow windows, wide windows, French doors and uniquely shaped or shallow windows can be covered with ease.
  • Available in endless fabrics and colors, you can create your unique fashion statement, including Shabby Chic, Modern, Traditional, Global Artistry, Romantique or Masculine Melange.
  • Roman shades can be cord operated, child-safe cordless lift, or motorized for ultimate convenience.
  • Light controls range from sheer to light-filtering to complete room-darkening, making them ideal solutions for bedrooms.


Roman shades offer benefits beyond beauty

Bamboo Shades

As fabulous and refreshing as beautiful window coverings are, ROMAN SHADES BRING MORE to your windows than just beautiful style, color and design. Energy efficiency is an important benefit, helping to control energy costs all year long. The insulation factor of Roman shades can be improved with heavier linings to keep out either cold or excessive heat, helping to maintain a consistent temperature.

Roman shades can increase the comfort and convenience of your home in other ways as well:

  • Top-down/bottom-up shades give light and privacy control beyond fully open or fully closed.
  • Enjoy the luxury of lush fabrics on your windows at a fraction of the cost of full-length drapes.
  • Cordless lift or motorization provides a safety factor for homes with children and pets.
  • Hard-to-reach windows are neutralized with motorized remote control Roman shades.
  • Go green with eco-friendly Roman shades made from 100% organic materials like woven woods, jute and bamboo.

If you’re considering new window treatments, Roman shades are an ideal way to bring LUXURY into your home, adding the richness of beautiful fabrics to your windows without the cost and volume of full draperies. The range of styles makes a Roman shade PRACTICAL for any room, giving a pop of color, embracing the latest 2016 fashion trends, or finding solutions for problem windows.

VALANCES: The Crown for your Windows!

Adding a valance to your window treatments is a super easy way to customize and personalize your home! The versatility of valances is only limited by your imagination, as you’ll see in this “Valances 101” crash course 🙂

From a crisp, clean line for the minimalist, to pleated, ruffled and trimmed traditional opulence, there is no right or wrong in designing valances.  With names like swagged, pleated, cascading, layered and balloon, there truly are unlimited design possibilities! Scroll down to see why we LOVE valances… and most importantly, why you will too!




Valance Styles

Valance styles: A sampling of what’s in store in the iD Lookbook

Window valances generally take one of two styles : board-mounted or rod / pole-mounted.

1. Board-mounted has multiple cuts of fabric draped and upholstered to a board (Cornice boxes are included in this category, finished wood or upholstered)

2. Pole-mounted has fabric attached and draped in various ways, including rings, tabs, ties, bows, ribbons and hooks



Either style can be simple or elaborate, layered and trimmed, coordinating or contrasting (suuuper customizable!) Design options include shirred, stylized cascades, long and short layered swags, jabots, pleated and inverted pleat panels, pelmets, tassels, ruffles, decorative edging, beaded trim and more!!

The Budget Blinds® exclusive Inspired Drapes® collection of sumptuous fabrics and gorgeous hardware will have you wondering how you’ve lived without window valances in every single room (seriously!) Valances add definition and charm to your windows. Our online Inspired Drapes Lookbook (page 26 to start) can take you on a tour of valance designs that will get you excited!!!



The first step in valance design is to determine what exactly you want to accomplish. A valance can be  so much more beyond “a big ruffle capping your window.” They can camouflage crooked or uneven windows and elevate the beauty of existing window coverings (designer tip!)

Valances are fashionable as stand-alone window treatments, or they can be combined with window blinds, shades or drapery for layers upon layers of style. Let us walk you through the wonderful, innovative world of window valances to help you find the ideal accent for all your windows!! Let’s get started today! 



Frame a window, finish a full treatment, create a new look or add a seasonal touch.

Brown ValanceThis layered treatment includes Roman shades, custom drapery panels and a swagged decorative valance that adds colorful interest and elegance. For a room design update or refresh, just replace the valance for a whole new look without spending a fortune on new window coverings. For example, a brown and white subtle stripe or Greek Key patterned valance would give this room an entirely different vibe.



Cover unsightly hardware or pleats and headings of functional draperies or shades.

Although there are curtain rods for the roller shades and the drapes, these custom valances hide the hardware so all you see is a beautiful, continuous treatment across all three windows.



Soften the appearance of hard window treatments like blinds or sliding panels.

Orange ValanceThe straight lines of the vertical sliding panels on this patio door are softened with a pleated valance that adds a colorful focal point in this dining room. Even when the panels are stacked off to one side, the door is stylishly adorned, enhancing the view.




Create the allusion of additional height or width for a window.

One valance across two smaller windows helps to create the allusion of one large window, especially with drapery panels defining the space by extending the width of the windows.

Unify the appearance of different types of window treatments used in the same room.

Light ValanceMatching valances create symmetry between the vertical and horizontal blinds in this bedroom. When window treatment styles don’t match, you can unify any room with coordinating valances.



Window Designing 101

* Turn Windows into Design Opportunities

Listen to me.  It’s simple (and affordable) to showcase your style in your home – in fact, it’s fun! Everyone has style – YOU ALREADY HAVE A STYLE!  If someone asked you your decorating style, what would you say? Do you have a ready answer like Traditional, Glam Couture, Vintage, Modern, Organic, Classic, Rustic, or…what?

Even if you can’t put a name on your style, you do have one. It’s defined by the things you surround yourself with in furnishing your home. Translating that style to your windows is one of the easiest and boldest design elements you can to do to improve your overall atmosphere – seriously!

Budget Blinds Window Treatments

One way to discover your style is by collecting pictures of window treatments you like. Cruising online sites like Budget Blinds.com,Houzz.com, and even your friends’ Pinterest accounts will put hundreds of options before your eyes. Eventually you’ll begin to see a pattern of what you prefer:

– Neutrals, bold colors or muted tones

– Coordinating or contrasting elements

– Florals, stripes, geometric prints or solids

– Large patterned prints or small designs

– No curtains or drapery due to allergies or minimalist tendencies

– Layered window treatments like valances over blinds or shades

– Singular treatments like blinds, shutters, Roman shades or a full-length drapery


Of course, you don’t have to select just one type of style for all the rooms in your home.  At Budget Blinds of Stillwater we love assisting you in completing the look of your overall home, not just one room. We know what colors, textures and patterns will bring out your style, and we work with you every step of the way (expert measuring, professional installation, best warranty).


Create privacy while letting in light and desirable views with custom woven wood sliding panels, perfect for large windows and doors. I love the fact that the panels stack off to one side for an unobstructed view, or can be staggered for varying degrees of light and privacy.

Layering window treatments like draperies over Roman shades allows for a classy chic style. Shades can be pulled up for a completely unobstructed view, lowered for filtered light, view and privacy, or both shades and drapes can be closed for complete privacy and blackout. With dual window treatments, energy efficiency is maximized by reducing heat gain in summer and holding warmth inside when the weather is cold outside.

For an artistic flare, enchanting results can be accomplished with realistic-looking faux iron accents and decorative window film. Used alone or with additional window treatments, both of these options provide a degree of privacy while still allowing in natural light.

Decorative Window Film

Any hard-to-reach windows or heavy treatments like floor-to-ceiling drapes or wood blinds can be motorized for ease-of use. It saves the wear and tear that manual operation can inflict by continual opening and closing. Somfy® motorization is available for most of our window treatments, with control options including wireless wall switches, hand-held remotes and timers.

Let’s get started finding your style with a FREE design consultation (seriously, FREE!) Shoot me an email – pbrown@budgetblinds.com and let’s connect! For inspiration, view the online galleries of our extensive window coverings and turn the digital pages of the new Inspired Drapes Lookbook for the latest trends, colors and styles in home window fashions.

Cabin Life

The Right Window Coverings Make Your CABIN the Perfect Home Away from Home

Many of my clients have a vacation home – more so than often its called a cabin. From what I hear from my clients the main purpose of a cabin/vacation home is for rest, relaxation and fun. Not surprisingly, such a place could vary greatly from person to person.  It may be the beach, the mountains, a high-energy city that never sleeps, or a remote cabin with no neighbors for miles. Wherever or whatever is your idea of paradise, you want to be as comfortable there as you are in your everyday home, if not more so… and we have you covered!

1. showcase panoramic views

If you require no barrier between you and your view, window coverings that “disappear” are what you need.  Cellular shades (and many other shade styles) retract so you’ll have a completely unobscured view until you require privacy. There are even top-down/bottom-up options that allow for partial coverage to block glare or provide privacy while still enjoying a captivating view.

Unique windows like skylights and arched windows can be outfitted with shades, blinds or shutters to provide coverage when needed. Motorization will make any hard-to-reach windows completely manageable with the touch of a button.

Outdoor patios, decks and porches can be kept cool and comfortable with Solar Shades and screens that enhance the view while helping to manage sun and weather as well as deterring uninvited pests.

2. Harness natural light

Windows provide natural light which is good for the body and the soul. Whether you have one window or a wall of windows, maintaining the right balance of light at any given time is important.


3. motorization – improve privacy

Motorization of window coverings is another way to improve energy efficiency.  Timers and sensors are available to automatically respond to temperature and time settings so you can pre-program window coverings to close and block the sun during the hottest parts of the day. This reduces dependence on air conditioning systems and gives UV protection for your furnishings. Or, if the weather is cold but the sun is shining brightly, you can open the blinds or shades to take advantage of solar heating. In addition to hand-held or wall-mounted remotes, you can control all your window coverings from a smartphone or tablet with the myLinkTM app from Somfy® while at home, work, or on vacation.

Custom window shades such as Pleated shades, Roman shades and Cellular shades range from light-filtering to room-darkening. Combining the characteristics of blinds and shades, Sheer shades are louvered fabric shades that, when open, have light-filtering tendencies and then provide complete privacy when closed.

4. energy-efficiency

Wherever your personal paradise is you will want to be able to control the inside environment so that it’s as comfortable and energy efficient as possible. Any window covering provides some level of insulation, but certain styles of window coverings significantly improve energy efficiency. Layering or pairing up treatments such as drapery over shades or blinds, and shades over window film can result in even greater energy cost savings.


  • Solar shades and screens block up to 99% of the sun’s heat and glare.
  • Cellular shades (light-filtering to blackout) reduce heat loss in winter and heat gain in summer helping to maintain indoor temperatures.
  • Blinds and shutters completely block the sun when closed and reduce heat gain or loss. Window film and tinting provide UV protection and minimize heat and glare.
  • Drapes add color, texture, privacy, noise reduction and insulation.
  • Adding lining to any window treatment style improves its insulation properties.

Let’s go!

The range of styles and textures available with Budget Blinds encompasses everything from filmy or voluptuous fabrics in custom shades and drapes, to real wood, faux wood, vinyl and aluminum blinds and shutters, to eco-friendly woven wood shades made of 100% organic materials such as reeds, grasses and natural woods.  Your design possibilities are seriously limitless.

Let me help you to create the perfect environment for indoor/outdoor living in your vacation home.  With custom window coverings for every need you can showcase a panoramic view, harness natural light, improve privacy or make your vacation home more energy-efficient. Our comprehensive product lines, including our exclusive Signature Series® and Inspired Drapes® collections, offer custom blinds, shutters, shades, curtains and drapes and decorative drapery hardware to satisfy any design preference and accommodate any budget.

Let’s connect and schedule your FREE, in-home consultation. There are so many ways to save and be stylish, and so many easy customizable solutions to make your second home as comfortable as your first!


Window Coverings Add Polish + SophisticatioN

Being in the window treatment  and interior decorator business I have the privilege of inspiring clients through style and design – and I absolutely love it! I truly believe that the right window treatments can totally transform and polish a room, and I love showing my clients how easy it is to choose the right style.

If you are at all familiar with the show Property Brothers (or any show on HGTV) you know that modernizing the home is critical to a quick sale; as it more often than not increases the overall property value.

While you don’t necessarily have to involve yourself in a full-blown renovation, there are some quick tips for modernizing your living space (and yes, proper window treatments are one of them!)


* critical elements of modern design:

1] COLOR – homes are dated just by the colors on the walls. UPDATE your color to refresh your overall living space, go for neutral yet bold. Ask me how!

2] FLOOR – updated floors are a big selling point. See what is new yet traditional and keep in mind that flooring can add an element of texture in the space!

3] KITCHEN BACKSPLASH – modern styling wakes up the whole kitchen (and is very D.I.Y. friendly too. Go for tile, texture or a simple pattern too, this one is easy.

4] BATHROOM – often a major overhaul, but worth it. UPDATE your main bathroom first, choose accents by contrasting colors of the floor and walls.

5]  WINDOW COVERINGS– the right window treatments polish up a room, take advantage of customizing your coverings and your living space will be complete.

For three seasons, HGTV’s  Buying & Selling has relied on Budget Blinds for high-quality blinds, drapes and decorative hardware from our trusted manufacturing partners . Budget Blinds has a  HUGE selection of trending styles and colors, all of which are customizable!!



Essential Silk Drapes

Budget Blinds Essential Silks drapery panels (pictured in Sterling Grey) paired with faux wood blinds.


Jonie, a single mom with two daughters (still living at home) welcomed back home daughter #1 with granddaughter #1. After five years of five in the house, the family maxed-out their living space and decided it was time to look for a larger home. Jonathan (Property Brothers) immediately got to work to “banishing boring” throughout the house, and he transformed the kitchen into a gourmet’s dream to captivate buyers. Drew (Property Brothers) found himself facing five tenacious females, each with definite ideas. He had to be top of his game to find their new, next home and, of course, everyone came out smiling!

  • The living room was transformed with mirrored and mixed metal textures for a sophisticated style, set off by Budget Blinds’ Essential Silks, floor-length drapery panels in sparkling Sterling Gray on contrasting Matte Black curtain rods. 2” faux wood blinds in the color of Ecru provide complete light and privacy control.
  • The dining room received matching window treatments. Keeping with the modern and metallic vibe, new table and chairs, geometric patterned rug and a colorful, over-sized art print were added to tie the dining space to the living room, creating an artfully dramatic great room.
  • The kitchen was lightened up with soft grays and white, new stainless steel appliances and a stylish, informal eating area. 2” faux wood blinds in Ecru on a 2-on-1 headrail allow for complete functionality at the patio door, whether open or closed; sage colored woven textures drapery panels frame the door and anchor the room.

*  See the complete renovation of Josie’s home by clicking here.


* let’s connect!

Every room could use a little polish and sophistication – let us help you! From your first phone call to precise measurement and installation, we pride ourselves on being able to provide the perfect window covering solution.  Ask us about Somfy® motorization, for the ultimate in comfort, efficiency and safety!

[ PBrown@BudgetBlinds.Com]   or   [651-351-7620] 

interior sun solutions


“The sun tends to fade my furniture and my carpet!” i love natural light but i hate what it does to my furniture and floor! can you help me?

– Well, of course!” 

– I hear so many of my clients (and friends) complain about interior fading (furniture, walls, carpet, wooden floors, etc.) More times than often, I connect their comment with the level of their window treatments – they don’t have any (or they aren’t using them appropriately!)

Sunlight through your windows can cause color fading and deterioration of fabric over time (& it does!). Ultra-violet rays (40%), visible light (25%), and solar heat (25%) each play a factor. UV radiation degrades materials, while visible light and solar heat cause damage at a slower rate.

Window treatments from Budget Blinds block harmful UV rays and prevent fading. Blinds, shades, and shutters are designed to block unwanted light, protect your privacy, and maximize customizable light control.

 Budget blinds window coverings EFFECTIVELY FILTER LIGHT while maximizing light control

Check out this awesome video I found – there are SO many ways to customize your window treatments (stylish & classy!) Protect your interior furnishings from unwanted sunlight by choosing the perfect fit for you!