Color of the year: GREENERY

 – Customize with the Color of the Year!

March may seem like the only month we can embrace the color green because, hello to St. Patrick’s Day…But why not celebrate the color green all year long?  I highlighted this in a blog at the beginning of the year for – but just as a refresher, the Pantone color of the year for 2017 –Greenery! To me, green represents a total refresh – it makes people feel good, happy and bright!  I am really excited to see this color incorporated it into our homes and styles, I think will have the same effect of positivity and happiness in people and homes too!

If you haven’t tried to add greenery into your home decor yet, here are some innovative and unique ways to bring different hues of green into your home.

Splash of Green:
Make a statement by having a splash of green on your faux iron. Faux iron is custom-built to fit any shape or size window, including arches and skylights. It can be a full window treatment or installed as a piece of wrought iron artwork for the backyard.

Green Drapery for the Bedroom:
Achieve an airy look for your bedroom with custom, full-length light green drapery. Drapery can be sheer or lined with light-filtering to blackout liners to give you total light control.

Bring nature indoors:
With just a touch of green, wood blinds can make any area feel warm and inviting. Wood blinds are made of 100% eco-friendly hardwood (making them another type of green). They will look beautiful while preserving the environment.

Let the Light In:
Green Trilight shades are pleated shades on the top to let in natural light while maintaining privacy and blackout cellular on the bottom for complete privacy and darkness.

Green for the Bathroom:
Woven wood shades layered with green drapery make for a perfect mix of glamor and rustic. Woven woods are made from renewable resources making them a “green,” eco-friendly window treatment for an organic feel.

Now that you have some great ideas on how to integrate green (and greenery) into your home, let’s get started today! Budget Blinds of Stillwater can help you go green with window coverings, including blinds, shades, shutters, curtains and drapes (and we can make it SUPER green by customizing your treatments to be energy efficient too!)

Call me today and let’s connect ~  651-351-7620 go online to to schedule your FREE, in-home consultation! I can’t wait to see green emerge in 2017, so fun!

How to DIY clean your BLINDS (and without damage!)

DID YOU KNOW –  blinds that accumulate dust for months are actually harder to clean – and the dust can cause major damage! YIKES! It is crucial to clean your blinds on a regular basis to prevent health risks (like allergies) or having to frequently purchase new window treatments when they get too dirty.

We always wants you to have beautiful clean blinds! So they keep reading for some great tips (and tricks) to properly clean your blinds in your home, and on your own!


Most of us use a cloth to clean our blinds – am I right? Using a simple swipe we clean our blinds and sometimes only cleaning the side people see the most. Oh come on, we all do it! But cleaning our blinds SHOULD be much more than that! To keep your blinds looking good for the long haul it is important to:

  • Dust/vacuum your blinds at least once a month
  • Clean your blinds every time the seasons change
  • Do a deep clean twice-a-year, especially before the holidays!


Chocolate Colored Wood Blinds

Cleaning Wood Blinds:

Cleaning real wood blinds differs from other materials, so it is important to use these tips so you don’t ruin the real wood.

  • Use a soft cloth that is lightly sprayed with furniture polish or lemon oil and start dusting at the top, across each slat, all the way to the bottom
  • Use mild detergent in tepid water on a clean cotton cloth if your wood blinds are badly stained; make sure to rinse with clear water and dry with a cotton cloth immediately.
  • By all means, NEVER let moisture stay on wood blinds


Cleaning Vertical Blinds:

Budget Blinds White Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds are a little tougher to clean because of their floor-to-ceiling size. Yet, cleaning them during your normal housekeeping routine will keep them looking fresh year round.

  • Dust or vacuum each side from top to bottom
  • Use soapy water on a soft cloth for dirty spots for a deeper clean and then rinse
  • For vinyl or aluminum blinds, place a towel underneath to eliminate spills and use soapy water and a sponge to wash both sides from the top to the bottom until they are fully clean
  • Rinse thoroughly and wipe dry with a soft cloth
  • For sheer fabric blinds, unsnap fabric from the vanes and wash gently with Woolite, hang to dry, then snap back onto the vanes


Dusting your blinds: 

  • Fully extend your blinds and close them as flat as possible. Starting from the top, clean across each slat, all the way to the bottom, using a soft dust cloth or feather duster. Then rotate the slats and repeat.
  • Instead of using a cloth, you can use a sock. Place a clean sock on your hand, open the slats and run your hand back and forth across each slat, from top to bottom.
  • Use specialty tools for cleaning the slats that allow you to clean several at the same time, on both sides.

Tools for dusting blinds


If your blinds are just too dirty– aluminum or vinyl ONLY: If you tried dusting and vacuuming and your blinds still need more work, try giving them a good bath! You will have to remove your blinds before you begin:

Window Cleaning Tools

  • Lay the blinds flat in your bathtub in enough water to just cover them, mix in two or three cups of white vinegar and a splash of dish soap
  • Let the blinds soak for 5-10 minutes, then clean them off with a sponge
  • For dirtier spots or crevices use a toothbrush to give a deeper clean
  • Rinse off the blinds in fresh water and lay flat to drip dry, or use a clean cloth to immediately wipe the blinds dry


Taking time out of your schedule to clean your blinds with these easy tips will keep your blinds nice and glistening clean, and the best part is YOU can do it yourself!

If you wish to have your blinds cleaned professionally we help with that service as well – just give us a call and we will come pick up your blinds, clean them and deliver them back to you!

On the other hand, if its too late to save your dirty blinds, we have got you covered! We boast a LARGE selection of top name-brand window coverings: blinds, shutters, shades and drapery to update your home. Call 651-351-7620 today to schedule your FREE, in-home design consultation! Email me directly too:


Improving Veterans’ Lives with Fabulous, Functional Faux Wood Blinds

Okay, so I can’t lie – this blog post from Budget Blinds Corporate (love it!) I read the post and thought it was too good NOT to share! I am so proud to work for a company that gives back to the heroes of our country.

— Keep reading 🙂 

“Home” calls to mind many images and emotions.

  • Safety, love and comfort
  • Family and friends
  • Good times and good food

If, however, you are a severely injured military veteran, it may also mean inaccessibility, frustration, pain and threat of injury. That’s because standard homes are not built to accommodate people with special needs such as wheelchairs, prosthetics and limited mobility.

HFOT House

Since 2004, Homes for Our Troops (HFC) has been rectifying that situation for as many injured veterans as they can, as fast as they can, by building specially adapted homes for severely injured veterans Post 9/11, to enable them to rebuild their lives. To date, 211 homes have been built and 70 projects are currently underway nationwide.

Budget Blindsbecame a corporate sponsor of HFOT in 2014, committing to install faux wood blinds from our Signature Series® collection into all the homes built over the next three years. It’s been an exciting journey as, month after month, veterans and their families move into these new, mortgage-free HFOT homes. Blinds are donated by our manufacturing partner, Springs Window Fashions, and local independent Budget Blinds franchise owners do measuring and installs for the homes in their areas.  Read more about our relationship with HFOT by clicking here, and read on to meet the two newest home recipients.


Faux Wood Blinds are the right window blinds for all seasons!

Whenever and wherever the HFOT homes are built, white faux wood blinds from our Signature Series collection are ideal because of their versatility and high quality. Regardless the climate or season, our faux wood blinds create a comfortable and safe home environment for veterans and their families.

  • They provide energy efficiency by blocking sunlight to reduce solar heat
  • Made of durable polymer materials, they won’t crack, chip or peel and are easy to clean
  • Classic, white 2” slats are compatible with any home’s color scheme
  • They are moisture resistant, excellent for kitchens, bathrooms and laundry rooms
  • With UVA inhibitors built in, these blinds will not turn yellow over time

Faux Wood Blinds

Budget Blinds is available to help you with refreshing your own windows with our extensive line of window treatments including blinds, shutters, shades, drapes and more.  Increased energy efficiency will keep your summers cooler, eco-friendly products can help you go green, and cordless options, including motorization, provide child-safe environments. Call 651-351-7620 to schedule your free, in-home consultation! 

To learn about the many ways to support Homes for Our Troops or to make a donation, go to

Budget Blinds + Inspired Shades

MESSAGE FROM CORPORATE!! (ORANGE, CA.  April, 2016) With windows becoming more of a focal point in the room, Budget Blinds launched Inspired Shades, its designer collection of two, original product lines: Roller shades and natural woven shades!


The collection features never-seen-before designs and patterns that are on-trend, versatile, modern and vibrant, built with optional child-safe operating systems and light-control features.  The Inspired Shades Collection is available to consumers in the U.S. and Canada through Budget Blinds’ franchise network serving over 8,000 cities.

According to Budget Blinds, the Inspired Shades Collection is the culmination of over a year’s work by a project team of internal designers and partners including textile and print experts and production specialists.  Together, they have traveled extensively around the world to develop a designer collection of roller shades and natural woven shades unlike anything available on the market today.

The Inspired Shades Collection has over 80 original roller shade prints and 240 decorative fabrics, commissioned directly from the weaving mill exclusively for Budget Blinds and specifically created for modern North American color and design trends.  These original selections were conceived by Budget Blinds’ internal design team using trending Pantone color chips and geometrical and floral patterns.

“In the window coverings industry, roller shades have become intensely competitive,” said Tracy Christman, Vice-President of Vendor Alliance and Design Expert for Budget Blinds.  “What differentiates us and keeps us ahead of the competition is being able to show a unique and original product that is stunning, dramatic, trend-setting and versatile for homeowners.  We’ve been doing this for over 20 years and, every year, we work harder and travel farther to bring the best to our customers.”

Inspired-Shades-Roller-Shades-Swatch-9889Traditionally, natural woven shades have been heavy, rustic and limited to the natural colors of bamboo and wood.  The natural woven shades featured in the Inspired Shades Collection bring a new level of softness, finesse, elegance and simple, natural beauty to the home. There are 38 unique blends of soft, natural fibers – like hemp, jute, and flax – woven into the thinnest threads to make the lightest natural shades both durable and delicate.  Vibrant reds, greens and blues are used in the decorative accents, silk-edge bindings, sewn-in ribs and other finishing touches.  The colors are all-natural plant dyes and 100% sustainable.

Christman added, “Our new collection is a dramatic step in the evolution of natural woven shades into attractive, stylish and smart shading solutions for all décor needs.  The feel is very soft, almost like drapery, and you won’t find these natural woven shades available anywhere else, only with Budget Blinds.”

A requisite for Budget Blinds is child-safe operating features, and they worked closely with their partners to build in cordless, wand control, and motorized shade options.

“For over 15 years, we have aligned ourselves with the Window Covering Manufacturers Association (WCMA),” said Shirin Behzadi, CEO of Budget Blinds and Home Franchise Concepts.  “Our top priority is window covering safety, and safety features are a key component anytime we roll out a new product line.”

Additionally, the Inspired Shades Collection offers light-filtering, blackout, operable liners, edge binding and valance options.

Learn more about the new Inspired Shades Collection by Budget Blinds on their website or social media channels,Facebook and Pinterest.

You can see Tracy Christman featured on the national TV shows, Designing Spaces and, in Canada, the Marc & Mandy Show.  View recently aired segment clips on the Budget Blinds Blog.

CUSTOM ROMAN SHADES offer beautiful solutions for your windows!!

Colors + Fabrics + Drama = ROMAN SHADES.

Roman Shades Budget Blinds

A nod to their popularity for many years, Roman shades do have lots of names and, regardless of what you call them, they are sweet. Sometimes referred to as a combination of blinds and drapery, or even Roman blinds, Roman shades give the operational convenience of blinds or shades, with the opulent beauty of fabric drapery. With Budget Blinds® you can have elegant custom Roman shades by any name you choose:

  • Relaxed, Slouched or Soft
  • Classic and Reverse Classic
  • Balloon, Austrian or Cloud
  • Pleated, Knife pleat
  • Flat: Unconstructed or Constructed
  • Hobbled, Looped, Waterfall, Cascading or Teardrop


There’s a Roman shade for every need

Knife Pleat Roman Shade

Despite the wide range of names and styles, a Roman shade is basically a fabric window covering panel that folds up accordion style, creating even horizontal folds. When raised, a Roman shade stacks in folds at the top, providing the look of a decorative fabric valance. The amount of fabric and how the shade folds is what defines the design, from Flat to Hobbled to Balloon, and everything in between. Whatever you need covered, there’s a Roman shade to meet the need!

  • Narrow windows, wide windows, French doors and uniquely shaped or shallow windows can be covered with ease.
  • Available in endless fabrics and colors, you can create your unique fashion statement, including Shabby Chic, Modern, Traditional, Global Artistry, Romantique or Masculine Melange.
  • Roman shades can be cord operated, child-safe cordless lift, or motorized for ultimate convenience.
  • Light controls range from sheer to light-filtering to complete room-darkening, making them ideal solutions for bedrooms.


Roman shades offer benefits beyond beauty

Bamboo Shades

As fabulous and refreshing as beautiful window coverings are, ROMAN SHADES BRING MORE to your windows than just beautiful style, color and design. Energy efficiency is an important benefit, helping to control energy costs all year long. The insulation factor of Roman shades can be improved with heavier linings to keep out either cold or excessive heat, helping to maintain a consistent temperature.

Roman shades can increase the comfort and convenience of your home in other ways as well:

  • Top-down/bottom-up shades give light and privacy control beyond fully open or fully closed.
  • Enjoy the luxury of lush fabrics on your windows at a fraction of the cost of full-length drapes.
  • Cordless lift or motorization provides a safety factor for homes with children and pets.
  • Hard-to-reach windows are neutralized with motorized remote control Roman shades.
  • Go green with eco-friendly Roman shades made from 100% organic materials like woven woods, jute and bamboo.

If you’re considering new window treatments, Roman shades are an ideal way to bring LUXURY into your home, adding the richness of beautiful fabrics to your windows without the cost and volume of full draperies. The range of styles makes a Roman shade PRACTICAL for any room, giving a pop of color, embracing the latest 2016 fashion trends, or finding solutions for problem windows.

VALANCES: The Crown for your Windows!

Adding a valance to your window treatments is a super easy way to customize and personalize your home! The versatility of valances is only limited by your imagination, as you’ll see in this “Valances 101” crash course 🙂

From a crisp, clean line for the minimalist, to pleated, ruffled and trimmed traditional opulence, there is no right or wrong in designing valances.  With names like swagged, pleated, cascading, layered and balloon, there truly are unlimited design possibilities! Scroll down to see why we LOVE valances… and most importantly, why you will too!




Valance Styles

Valance styles: A sampling of what’s in store in the iD Lookbook

Window valances generally take one of two styles : board-mounted or rod / pole-mounted.

1. Board-mounted has multiple cuts of fabric draped and upholstered to a board (Cornice boxes are included in this category, finished wood or upholstered)

2. Pole-mounted has fabric attached and draped in various ways, including rings, tabs, ties, bows, ribbons and hooks



Either style can be simple or elaborate, layered and trimmed, coordinating or contrasting (suuuper customizable!) Design options include shirred, stylized cascades, long and short layered swags, jabots, pleated and inverted pleat panels, pelmets, tassels, ruffles, decorative edging, beaded trim and more!!

The Budget Blinds® exclusive Inspired Drapes® collection of sumptuous fabrics and gorgeous hardware will have you wondering how you’ve lived without window valances in every single room (seriously!) Valances add definition and charm to your windows. Our online Inspired Drapes Lookbook (page 26 to start) can take you on a tour of valance designs that will get you excited!!!



The first step in valance design is to determine what exactly you want to accomplish. A valance can be  so much more beyond “a big ruffle capping your window.” They can camouflage crooked or uneven windows and elevate the beauty of existing window coverings (designer tip!)

Valances are fashionable as stand-alone window treatments, or they can be combined with window blinds, shades or drapery for layers upon layers of style. Let us walk you through the wonderful, innovative world of window valances to help you find the ideal accent for all your windows!! Let’s get started today! 



Frame a window, finish a full treatment, create a new look or add a seasonal touch.

Brown ValanceThis layered treatment includes Roman shades, custom drapery panels and a swagged decorative valance that adds colorful interest and elegance. For a room design update or refresh, just replace the valance for a whole new look without spending a fortune on new window coverings. For example, a brown and white subtle stripe or Greek Key patterned valance would give this room an entirely different vibe.



Cover unsightly hardware or pleats and headings of functional draperies or shades.

Although there are curtain rods for the roller shades and the drapes, these custom valances hide the hardware so all you see is a beautiful, continuous treatment across all three windows.



Soften the appearance of hard window treatments like blinds or sliding panels.

Orange ValanceThe straight lines of the vertical sliding panels on this patio door are softened with a pleated valance that adds a colorful focal point in this dining room. Even when the panels are stacked off to one side, the door is stylishly adorned, enhancing the view.




Create the allusion of additional height or width for a window.

One valance across two smaller windows helps to create the allusion of one large window, especially with drapery panels defining the space by extending the width of the windows.

Unify the appearance of different types of window treatments used in the same room.

Light ValanceMatching valances create symmetry between the vertical and horizontal blinds in this bedroom. When window treatment styles don’t match, you can unify any room with coordinating valances.



OCTOBER is not only Child Safety month but National Window Cord Safety month too; and let’s face it, its not only children that are unpredictable, its pets, roommates and guests too.  In a blink of an eye seemingly harmless objects can become dangerous – especially with little ones! Budget Blinds is a leader in child safety and not to mention, we carry one of the best warranty polices in the industry. With this, we are able to not only offer safe solutions and window treatments, but also stylish and classy options that fit into your budget! Check it out <> 

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) declared window covering cords as one of the top five “hidden hazards” in the home for strangulation and asphyxiation in children.  That’s why Budget Blinds is committed to providing innovative and beautiful products that meet today’s safety standards for your home.



Tracy Christman, Budget Blinds’ Vice President of Vendor Alliance (and a mother herself) shares, ”From cordless products that protect children from potentially harmful dangling cords to security-grade window film that protects your home during destructive weather, Budget Blinds is your source for window coverings that keep you and  your family safe at home.”


1. Cordless Lift System – raise and lower blinds and shades easily with one hand, eliminating the need for cords
2. Motorization – battery-operated remote control allows you to raise, lower, tilt or open and close your window coverings with the touch of a button. No hard wiring is required and you can operate up to five windows from one remote
3. Spring-assist Clutch – built-in system to raise and lower window shades that eliminates dangling cords.
4. Shutters – cord-free window covering that is perfectly safe around children and pets.
5. Sliding Track System – beautiful alternative to vertical blinds for sliding glass doors and side-to-side openings, the sliding track operation eliminates the need for cords or chains.

” IT’S A GREAT IDEA TO TAKE STOCK of all your window coverings AND ENSURE protective measures ARE IN PLACE – AND IF THEY AREN’T, TO SEE WHAT SOLUTIONS need to be instituted.”



  • Move cribs, beds or other furniture that children can climb on away from windows.
  • Be sure continuous-loop cords are firmly secured to the wall or floor
  • Add break-away tassels and cord stops to eliminate cord hazard.
  • Wand control for blinds is an alternative to dangling cords.
  • Keep all cords as short as possible, out of children’s reach
  • Use cordless blinds or shades where children are able to reach the window.


Most of our window coverings at Budget Blinds can be cordless or motorized giving you endless possibilities to find your own personal design style (and we can help when needed!)

Some of our most popular cordless window treatments include:

Whether you prefer traditional, contemporary, formal or casual surroundings, we can help you find window treatments you will love. One phone call brings hundreds of samples right into your home so you can design the windows of your dreams.  Call (651) 351 – 7620 or go online to and let’s schedule your FREE in-home consultation!

* Visit the Window Covering Safety Council or U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission to learn more about National Window Cord Safety and Child Safety Protection Month

Window Designing 101

* Turn Windows into Design Opportunities

Listen to me.  It’s simple (and affordable) to showcase your style in your home – in fact, it’s fun! Everyone has style – YOU ALREADY HAVE A STYLE!  If someone asked you your decorating style, what would you say? Do you have a ready answer like Traditional, Glam Couture, Vintage, Modern, Organic, Classic, Rustic, or…what?

Even if you can’t put a name on your style, you do have one. It’s defined by the things you surround yourself with in furnishing your home. Translating that style to your windows is one of the easiest and boldest design elements you can to do to improve your overall atmosphere – seriously!

Budget Blinds Window Treatments

One way to discover your style is by collecting pictures of window treatments you like. Cruising online sites like Budget,, and even your friends’ Pinterest accounts will put hundreds of options before your eyes. Eventually you’ll begin to see a pattern of what you prefer:

– Neutrals, bold colors or muted tones

– Coordinating or contrasting elements

– Florals, stripes, geometric prints or solids

– Large patterned prints or small designs

– No curtains or drapery due to allergies or minimalist tendencies

– Layered window treatments like valances over blinds or shades

– Singular treatments like blinds, shutters, Roman shades or a full-length drapery


Of course, you don’t have to select just one type of style for all the rooms in your home.  At Budget Blinds of Stillwater we love assisting you in completing the look of your overall home, not just one room. We know what colors, textures and patterns will bring out your style, and we work with you every step of the way (expert measuring, professional installation, best warranty).


Create privacy while letting in light and desirable views with custom woven wood sliding panels, perfect for large windows and doors. I love the fact that the panels stack off to one side for an unobstructed view, or can be staggered for varying degrees of light and privacy.

Layering window treatments like draperies over Roman shades allows for a classy chic style. Shades can be pulled up for a completely unobstructed view, lowered for filtered light, view and privacy, or both shades and drapes can be closed for complete privacy and blackout. With dual window treatments, energy efficiency is maximized by reducing heat gain in summer and holding warmth inside when the weather is cold outside.

For an artistic flare, enchanting results can be accomplished with realistic-looking faux iron accents and decorative window film. Used alone or with additional window treatments, both of these options provide a degree of privacy while still allowing in natural light.

Decorative Window Film

Any hard-to-reach windows or heavy treatments like floor-to-ceiling drapes or wood blinds can be motorized for ease-of use. It saves the wear and tear that manual operation can inflict by continual opening and closing. Somfy® motorization is available for most of our window treatments, with control options including wireless wall switches, hand-held remotes and timers.

Let’s get started finding your style with a FREE design consultation (seriously, FREE!) Shoot me an email – and let’s connect! For inspiration, view the online galleries of our extensive window coverings and turn the digital pages of the new Inspired Drapes Lookbook for the latest trends, colors and styles in home window fashions.

throwback (IN STYLE)

happy anniversary to us!

Today marks  my ninth year as the owner and operator of Budget Blinds of Stillwater. And truly, I couldn’t be more grateful and happy as we go into the next year of business! Without being too redundant on last weeks post (can you tell I’m proud of my business? :)) I thought it would be interesting to take a look back on the last nine years – Throwback Thursday anyone?  I don’t want to bore you with too much detail, but scroll down and check out the timewarp of style.


Pretty cool, right? What style do you prefer – can you see a change in the years?  Throughout my professional years with Budget Blinds (nine and counting!) I have definitely seen a change interior style. In the year 2006 there was a heavy emphasis on mahogany, walnut and cherry textures, while in 2015 there is more a focus on stainless steel and the modernistic feel. Bold blues (in modesty) are coming into trends in homes, while in 2006 the trends in homes were pale, mocha and tan palettes!

I love style, and I really enjoy seeing interior decorating evolve over the years. I love sharing my passion of design with all of my clients, friends and supporters and I am honored to be successful with Budget Blinds of Stillwater.

Cheers to the next year of style and success!




That’s right, stylish and style start here –  with YOU, with your home, with your spaces and with Budget Blinds. I don’t know about you, but I couldn’t be more happy with the nice weather and the sunshine! Spaces tend to feel bigger with sunshine (and light) – and right now, is the perfect time to let that light into your home!  My favorite product for this time of the year (and all year round) are SOLAR ROLLER shades . Seriously, they are absolutely perfect.

Solar Shades are some of the most versatile window coverings ever (for real). Their primary purpose is to serve as a shield against solar heat gain, which helps to keep your energy costs down. Aside from being energy-saving, solar shades also reduce glare from the sun.

  • Solar window shades create just the right ambience in any room. They gently filter and diffuse natural sunlight, block out harmful UV rays, and keep your rooms cooler.
  • They come in various styles and openness levels. Choose a higher openness factor and a darker fabric for a clearer your view.
  • Solar shades are available in an impressive collection of fabrics and colors that add balance and style to your rooms.
  • They are an effective solution for covering large windows, as most fabrics are available in wider widths.
  • Most styles coordinate with sliding panels.
  • You can customize your solar shades by adding wood cornices and valances to create a beautiful combination of warm colors and textures in your home.
  • Exterior solar shades can be installed to the outside of your windows, patios and porches to provide protection from the sun’s powerful heat and strong UV rays.
  • You can motorize your solar shades to provide privacy and safety.

Connect with me today and let’s talk solar shades! For the ultimate in light control, privacy, and protection from sun glare, be sure to ask about our dual shades (dual shades combine the benefits of two popular shading fabrics, solar and roller, into one easy to operate shade!)  I love Solar Shades and I know you will too! #Trending!