throwback (IN STYLE)

happy anniversary to us!

Today marks  my ninth year as the owner and operator of Budget Blinds of Stillwater. And truly, I couldn’t be more grateful and happy as we go into the next year of business! Without being too redundant on last weeks post (can you tell I’m proud of my business? :)) I thought it would be interesting to take a look back on the last nine years – Throwback Thursday anyone?  I don’t want to bore you with too much detail, but scroll down and check out the timewarp of style.


Pretty cool, right? What style do you prefer – can you see a change in the years?  Throughout my professional years with Budget Blinds (nine and counting!) I have definitely seen a change interior style. In the year 2006 there was a heavy emphasis on mahogany, walnut and cherry textures, while in 2015 there is more a focus on stainless steel and the modernistic feel. Bold blues (in modesty) are coming into trends in homes, while in 2006 the trends in homes were pale, mocha and tan palettes!

I love style, and I really enjoy seeing interior decorating evolve over the years. I love sharing my passion of design with all of my clients, friends and supporters and I am honored to be successful with Budget Blinds of Stillwater.

Cheers to the next year of style and success!



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