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Energy-Efficient Window Coverings Make Good Business Dollars and Sense

BBCS Roller Shades

Energy costs have been steadily climbing year after year. Business owners (like homeowners too!) would love to see lower energy costs, but saving money by never running the heat or air conditioning is not very practical – especially in Minnesota!  Improved energy efficiency is on everyone’s minds as a way to save money and live better and in commercial setting, to please your customers and employees too!

Depending on the type of business, commercial buildings can be home to just employees, or employees and your customers. If your business is serving the public in any capacity, you need the surroundings to be comfortable, functional and safe so people will stay longer–buying, playing, eating and spending 🙂 With employees, the environment must also be safe, functional and comfortable. This leads to higher productivity and happier employees!

BB Commercial Solutions (BBCS) knows that a big part of comfort is temperature, and temperature can greatly impact your customers. Unless you’ve given some focused thought to sunlight control and “taking your business’ temperature,” you may inadvertently be minimizing comfort, slowing productivity and reducing profits.


BBCS Graphic Shades

It’s a well-known fact that natural light has powerful effects on health, impacting mood, alertness and sleep habits. Many modern buildings have walls of windows to let in beneficial natural light – however, big windows can also generate excessive heat during summer and cold during the winter, driving up energy costs as you try to maintain a comfortable year round temperature.

The U.S. Department of Energy projects that heat gain and loss can be reduced by 25% with proper window treatments designed for energy efficiency. Energy efficiency in the workplace includes blocking sun and glare, reducing heat/cold exchanges with the outside, and UV protection for furniture, artwork, equipment, products and inventory. A more neutralized temperature will lessen the need to run heating and air, saving on energy costs. 🙂

Window treatments that improve energy efficiency include:

  • Solar Shades and Screens – block up to 99% of sun’s heat and glare
  • Roller Shades – infinite choices of color, fabric and texture to match any décor, easy to use, room-darkening capabilities
  • Cellular shades – light-filtering to blackout, provide privacy and reduce heat loss in the winter and heat gain in the summer
  • Graphic Shades – energy-efficient messaging for brand enhancement
  • Window film and tinting – UV protection, privacy options in decorative and security films
  • Blinds – sun blocking when closed; all our commercial blinds offer flame retardant qualities and are certified green
  • Shutters – real or faux wood in myriad colors, cordless operation beautifies your space
  • Drapes – add style, privacy and sound control as well as insulation; can be light filtering or sun blocking

Used alone or paired together, each of these solutions can improve the energy efficiency of your business by giving you more control. Adding motorization to blinds, shades, shutters and drapes increases ease of control with wall-mounted or handheld remotes as well as timers and sensors that automatically respond to temperature and time settings.


BBCS Window Film

BBCS is your one-stop shop for commercial window treatments whether you are one storefront or a national chain of stores.

  • BBCS can design window covering solutions to help reduce your energy costs up to 30%.
  • Our products meet LEED (green certification), ANSI (American National Standards Institute) and NFPA 701 (National Fire Protection Agency) standards.
  • Our clients cover a variety of industries: Subway, Marriott Suites, Chase, Gold’s Gym, Super Cuts, Travel Centers of America and Walgreens as a sampling.
  • BBCS partners with some of the biggest names in the commercial window coverings business to offer the largest selection of products; for example, Levolor, SWFcontract, Bali, Somfy, Phifer and Graber.

BB Commercial Solutions is a division of Home Franchise Concepts(HFC), the parent company of Budget Blinds, the largest custom window coverings franchise in North America. With BBCS, you get over 20 years’ experience, the largest selection of window treatments meeting or exceeding national standards for business, volume pricing advantage and the strongest warranty in the industry.

When you’re ready to increase the energy efficiency of your business, we are ready to help. To talk with a BB Commercial Solutions professional about which products are the best solution for your commercial and business needs, call (651) 351 – 7620 today Don’t delay…summer (and the heat) is on its way!



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