AND we have a new certification (YAY!)

WCMABudget Blinds just announced that several of our key manufacturing partners are participating to earn certification for selected window covering products known as “Best for Kids.” This new program was launched by the Window Covering Manufacturers Association (WCMA) to help our consumers identify window covering products that are certified as best suited for use in homes with young children.

“Making window treatments safer for homes with children is one of Budget Blinds’ top priorities,” said Chad Hallock, CEO and Co-Founder of Budget Blinds.  “We work with our manufacturers to consistently review and evaluate our products to ensure they are child-friendly, durable, and still look great in the home.”

According to WCMA, criteria to earn the Best for Kids certification requires that a window covering product must either have no cords or the inner cords cannot be accessible. Products must be submitted to a WCMA-recognized third party testing laboratory; and products that meet these criteria will be eligible to be listed and labeled on packaging and materials as “certified .” We are so excited for these awesome products.

“We are already proud to announce that several of our key manufacturing partners will have earned certification by October 1,” said Tracy Christman, Vice-President of Vendor Alliance for Budget Blinds. “It’s exciting to continue to bring homeowners beautiful and stylish window coverings that are also child-friendly and certified as Best for Kids.”

We are so excited that Budget Blinds offers dozens of options for child-friendly window treatments) including cordless blinds and shades with a retractable lift). Not to mention, motorized shades with cordless operation, and shutters too!

The last thing you want is a home that isn’t 100% safe. With Budget Blinds, you can rest assured that you are doing everything you can do to protect your loved ones and while adding style (and benefit) to your overall home! With our new certified program, “Best for Kids” I am positive that you will love the look, feel and value of your child-safe window treatments.

For more child safety window treatment options visit www.BudgetBlinds.com/Stillwater. 

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