Creating a WELCOMING entry

Guests come over to your home and the first thing they see is your entryway, right?! Why not make it PERFECT (while showcasing your style) and make their first impression a lasting one! Here are some quick tips and tricks that will make your entryway go from drab to fab – and the best thing, they are all SUPER easy too!

Choose an ART piece or COLOR first

When you have the option, always choose to build a room around your existing decor first. Find the focal point (or a desired art piece) and create your starting point.
If your said piece is just the door itself, thats great, just choose a fun color to create initial contrast! Once you see the color POP you can easily get inspired after that – and if you’re not inspired, that’s okay – check out my Pinterest Page for fun ideas! Grab your desired piece, hop onto My Pinterest page and get inspired with great (and easy DIY ideas!) Some of these you may already have in your home and just need to repurpose them 🙂

 Consider your overall SCALE 

Often times entryways can be narrow (with a high ceiling), and with that you always need to intentionally choose decor that mimics the shape of the space you are decorating! If you are lucky enough to have an open entryway  and/or grand space you have more options, but not necessarily more ease, sometimes options isn’t always the simplest for design.

Notice how in the photo on the LEFT (larger entryway) we encompass a mirror, a narrow hallway table, lighting ambiance and a rug? Well, same thing for the photo on the RIGHT (smaller entryway)  – see the mirror, the narrow hallway table, lighting ambiance and rug (not pictured)! LOVE IT! Again, the size of your entryway doesn’t necessarily mean less or more for decor – you just need to be intentional with what decor is appropriate.

Add in design elements: REPETITION 

Once I  decide on the the art (or color) for the focal point,  I try to envision that color directly on the opposite wall. If your focal point is a photo and/or canvas I recommend choosing the dominating color in the piece and reflecting them on the opposite wall.

Make note of your desired decor and create balance by showcasing glimpses of the decor on the opposite wall. For example, if you like wood and  comfy pillows you can mimic that by having smaller pillows and wood accents on the opposite wall. Mirrors in the entry way are ALWAYS a good idea at showcasing this as they REFLECT your repetition (easy!)

Introduce and embrace CONTRAST 

Color and contrast (you need to love it!) this is where your space will sink or swim, period. Every room (yes, even entryways) needs contrast! Contrast creates balance, layers, ambiance and an overall welcoming feeling.
 Have fun playing around with dark wood against light walls, or introducing a fun patterned rug too. Mixed textures and mixed metals can create a fun natural contrast, while pops of color (marsala, deep greens, blacks) can cue into other elements of your house to create an overall cohesive look entirely!

Decorating your entry way can SERIOUSLY transform your entire home, and its so easy (and small compared to other rooms in your house) too!  Often times, starting can be the biggest challenge, but that’s what my pinterest page is for right?!  Find some fun ideas and unique pieces and start transforming your entry way today! 🙂

** BUDGET BLINDS HAS RUGS TOO – call me today, and let’s get inspired!

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