FIVE Modern + Stylish Designs

TRENDING: Modern and Stylish Curtains and Drapery Designs!

Updating your window coverings with a stylish design is simple and will change the look of your home instantly. Budget Blinds offers a variety of stylish curtains and drapery that will enhance your home’s specific style. Here are five modern and stylish curtain and drapery designs that are currently trending.

Floral patterns on window coverings

Floral patterns on window coverings are a way to add a touch of romance while remaining chic. The soft patterns of the floral also allow for color to be incorporated into a room without being overwhelming. This style is a classic design that always looks good – and with that, if its your style, it can be ideal for every room in your home.


Color Blocked Panel Drapes

Color blocking is a major trend that is seen in every part of fashion and now it is entering the home trends! Color blocking is taking two complementary or contrasting colors for a uniquely custom look – very chic


White Sheer Drapes

A beautiful, simplistic design for your window treatment is white sheer curtains! The translucent material creates a light and relaxing feel to any room – white sheer soften the overall appearance of any window, allowing for natural light while providing privacy too!

PRO TIP: Sheer curtains can be cleaned regularly (and easily!) and with that, they are great for people to suffer from allergies and/or pet hair.


Pleated Shades with Panel Curtains

If you want a design that is modern and retro, geometric shapes are the perfect choice. It is important with a statement design like a geometric shape to match it with a simpler window treatment like a solid color pleated shade. This allows for the attention to be on the beautiful and fun window treatment. 🙂


Floral Frilly Curtains

This says “girls bedroom” all over it – right? 🙂  It is a way for someone to have beautifully designed curtains without going overboard with ruffles and flowers. The goal with this design is to add a touch of feminine elements to create a gorgeous and cohesive room!


SO what do you think? Do you love all FIVE designs and can’t make up your mind on which design you would like in your home? Let us help you find the perfect match for every room. There are plenty of fabrics and textures you can choose from – and the best part is, everything is customized to you and your style!

Let’s get started today!! Call me and set up your FREE in-home design consultation! What are you waiting for? 651-361-7620 or


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