Remodeling Tips 101: Bathroom

How to Keep Your Bathroom Remodel Cost Low (with Budget Blinds!)

The holidays are just around the corner and if you’re like most people  you are just about to start your bathroom remodel (or another room remodel!)  I know you know that it sounds like a crazy idea, but most people actually start home improvement projects right before the holidays.

Obviously, it doesn’t hurt to impress your family with your newly-renovated bathroom, but sometimes it can hurt your wallet. According to HomeAdvisor (a trusted consumer source to find the best in home service professionals), most homeowners spent an average $9,313 on a bathroom remodel!!  Here at Budget Blinds we can not only help you save money with some tips below, but when it comes to window-coverings for your bathroom we got you covered with ultra stylish and budget savvy options!!

So with that, let’s talk tips!


  • Depending on the amount of the budget for your bathroom, window coverings can be a small or large portion. There are endless possibilities when it comes to window coverings for the bathroom at every price range. Here at Budget Blinds we have a huge selection and we want to help you achieve your dream bathroom. We want to match the window treatments with the overall look that you desire!




Budget Blinds has so many high-quality window coverings at different price ranges. If your bathroom remodel budget only allows a limited portion for the window coverings, here are three wonderful options that will look beautiful and not break your bank (yes, thank me later!) 😉

Composite Blinds

Composite blinds are ideal for your bathroom if you are looking for a durable window covering that is also reasonably priced. Composite Blinds are constructed from high-quality synthetic materials that are moisture-resistant and prevent fading and cracking, (perfect for a bathroom because it’s a high moisture environment!) These blinds are crafted to look like traditional wood blinds that have an expensive feel but are affordable. Budget Blinds of Stillwater offers composite blinds in over 80 colors and finishes to compliment your dream bathroom’s décor.

Composite blinds for your bathroom

Faux wood blinds for bathroom

Faux wood Blinds

Faux wood blinds give the look of real wood blinds but are more durable for moist environments. There are a variety of paints from white and neutrals to deep dark wood grains and finishes that are smooth or textured to choose from. They come in custom fitted slats to allow an outside view (perfect for bathrooms, again!) Faux wood blinds block harmful UV rays when closed – preventing any damage to your belongings and you. They are a great option if you would like to add a little extra design to your windows with decorative tapes and valance. It will give your blinds a personal touch and make them a custom window treatment that will look great in your new bathroom.


Vinyl Blinds

Vinyl blinds are an affordable window covering if you have a LARGE WINDOW in your bathroom. They are stain resistant, easy to clean and have a high resistance to moisture. Vinyl blinds offer a wide range of colors or textures to match your bathrooms décor. With options of vertical or horizontal, vinyl blinds give you enough privacy but if you want more, cloth tapes can cover any gaps to give you more light and privacy. Vinyl blinds are a great way to cover your windows at a very reasonable price.

Vertical vinyl blinds for large bathroom window




If you have an unlimited amount to spend on your window treatments for your bathroom remodel… well, lucky you! Budget Blinds has soo many high-end options too that will not only will it look great, but it will add value to your home! With a larger budget, upgrades, like motorization, can (and should) be added to your window treatments for convenience and a “wow” factor! Here are three great options that are IDEAL for bigger budgets (and will add overall value too!)

Composite Shutters

Composite shutters are a gorgeous window treatment that is designed for high moisture environments since they are made from synthetic material (like their counterpart composite blinds!)  They can handle a large amount of sun exposure without fading and cracking, making them very long-lasting. You should know that shutters are an investment and cost a little more than other options listed, BUT they have a long life span and ADD VALUE to your home. Composite shutters come in three popular colors and have louver sizes of 2 ½”, 3 ½” and 4 ½” – they can be customized to fit arched windows too! Shutters are great for privacy, but an important bonus is that they are designed without cords making them a safe option for homes with children and pets.

composite shutters add value to your home

Roman Shades

Roman shades for your bathroom

Roman shades are made for luxurious bathrooms because they add drama and an elevated style to any room. There are SO many choices when it comes to Roman shades, like fold options including balloon, cascading, tear drop and relaxed which can give your bathroom a definitive look.

Another decision to make with Roman shades is choosing from a variety of fabric colors, prints and textures to achieve a high-end look.

Last choice is picking a range of privacy from light-filtering to blackout liners, giving you total light control. Roman shades are one of the grander window coverings when it comes to fashion. If you want to make a major statement, Roman shades are your answer.



Motorization can definitely feel like the biggest upgrade when it comes to window treatments, because its amaaaazing! Here at Budget Blinds, we can add motorization to almost any window covering – giving you instant privacy with a touch of a button. It is super convenient!  We offer motorized window treatments powered by Somfy, the world’s leading manufacture in specialized motors for over 45 years! A major benefit of motorization is that it eliminates all dangling cords making your window treatment child-and pet-safe (and not to mention – super sleek too!!)

Motorized window blinds

So Many Choices… What to Do?

There are plenty of options when it comes to window treatments for your bathroom remodel, but it depends on what look you are trying to accomplish and most importantly your budget. Let us at Budget Blinds of Stillwater help you find the right window for your dream bathroom from our many styles, including blinds, shutters, shades, drapes and window film! Call 651-351-7620 today or go online to and lets get started on your remodel today! We ALSO offer free in-home design consultation!


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