YOU NEED THIS: Technology + Motorized Window Coverings

Somfy Motorized Shades

Smart Homes have been around long enough now that the “pros-and-cons” battle is in full swing. Most of us already use smart technology in our homes in one form or another:

  • Programmable coffee maker that brews your coffee while you shower
  • Thermostats that automatically go on and off to maintain a set temperature
  • The key fob to lock and unlock your car or front door
  • Lights and sprinkler systems set on timers
  • Home security systems

These are individual processes, but a Smart Home takes automation to a whole new level, with incredible advances in home automation systems that run the whole house, even when you’re not home.


Motorized Wood Blinds

Somfy’s smooth, quiet motors are available on many of the window coverings that Budget Blinds offers, including blinds, shades, vertical blinds, drapes and more! Whether you choose light-weight coverings like cellular shades or heavier woven wood door panels, you will always have the right motor for the job!!  You also have a choice of control options –  including wireless wall switches, hand-held remotes, timers, sensors and the newest technology, the Somfy® myLinkTM app, a central control for all your window coverings. 🙂 Sync it with your smart phone and you are HIGH TECH! Love it!

With programmable timers, sensors and mobile apps you can:

  • Open and close window coverings to block or admit the sun, controlling indoor temperatures
  • Close window treatments to protect from harmful UV rays
  • Have the safety of cordless operation; no dangling (children and pet safety!)
  • Program to close your window coverings at night even if you’re not home
  • Enjoy the ultimate convenience of one-touch operation – even remotely
  • Save the wear and tear that manual operation can inflict with repeated use

Motorization makes all of life easier

As you think of motorized shades, you may think of blocking the glare on the TV without getting up, and that’s a pretty universal problem easily solved by motorization!!  But the ease and convenience of motorized window coverings is MUCH more useful than simply allowing us to remain on the couch. There are other practical uses for motorization throughout a home where remote operation of blinds, shades or drapes would be most welcomed.

  • A baby’s room: New parents probably don’t realize the value of motorized blinds or shades in the nursery. They don’t know yet how often they’ll feel the need for an extra hand. Being able to darken the room with one finger without jostling and waking a sleeping babe-in-arms is such a blessing. And, as the baby grows, the cordless design is a safer option for a young child’s room.
  • A sunny kitchen: Having a window over the sink for an outside view is a delight. But sometimes people can’t always raise and lower an over-the-sink shade or blind effectively. A motorized shade with remote control eliminates the need for having to grab a stool when you want to either fully expose the view, or close the window for privacy or light control. This is also true of windows over a washer and dryer; it can be a long reach if you’re under six-feet tall!
  • Skylights and hard-to-reach windows: A room full of natural light is only appreciated until you want the room darkened. High, inaccessible windows and skylights often remain uncovered (or always covered) because getting to them to adjust window coverings is too much of a chore. Motorization would make any window fully functional, no matter how high or difficult the reach. At the touch of a button, you would be able to completely control both light and privacy.

You may need only one or two motorized window coverings to make life easier, or you may be excited at the prospect of all your window coverings controlled at the touch of a button! Budget Blinds lets you conveniently shop in your own home for blinds, shutters, shades and drapes, with hundreds of samples of fabrics, finishes, colors and decorative hardware. It takes all the guesswork out of designing beautiful window coverings for every room in your home and, by standing in front of each window you can easily determine where the convenience of motorization would be most beneficial.

To schedule a FREE, in-home consultation, call 651-351-7620 today or go online to Our Biggest Sale of the Year is going on now. It’s the PERFECT time to talk to your local Budget Blinds Style Consultant to see if the gift of technology should be on your list, even if it’s only for you!!!


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