Have the “Cool” House on the Block with Motorized Window Treatments

Give your house the WOW factor with motorized window treatments – not only will YOU benefit from the stylish and convenient treatments, but your neighbors and house guests will be impressed too! Trust us, these treatments pour in the compliments – “so modern!”

                somfy5  somfy_motorization  blinds_motorization

Adding motorization to your window coverings is cool and super convenient with a touch of a button and/or remote! Budget Blinds offers motorization powered by Somfy which allows you to control your window treatments for lighting and privacy (and let’s be honest, style is a huge plus too!)

Having motorized window treatments can make your life easier by covering hard-to-reach windows or helping someone with limited mobility effortlessly control their window coverings! Best of all, motorization has SO many wonderful benefits that will improve how you live in your house. Another plus – no matter your window covering preference–blinds, shutters, shades or drapes–we (Budget Blinds) can make it motorized!


When thinking about motorized window coverings, it’s awesome to be able to open or close them by remote control, BUT there are other aspects of life when motorization can really come to the rescue. It can help in ways that are not commonly thought of – like covering windows to protecting your child (cordless!)

Hard-to-reach windows: Every home has at least one or more windows that are impossible to reach, making life super inconvenient, right?  Covering these windows seemed impossible until motorized window treatments came along. Instead of climbing over a bath tub or kitchen sink (or on top of a counter top!) you can close and open your own privacy without hurting yourself.

Also motorized treatments are ideal for other hard-to-reach windows like:



  • Security – Somfy provides your security by allowing you to set timers making it appear as someone is home even when you are not.
  • Privacy – Motorized treatments add more privacy to your home when you just don’t have enough time to close your blinds.
  • Convenience – Easy opening and closing with a touch of a button.
  • Energy Saving – You can program your window treatments on timers during peak hours to help reduce your energy bill.
  • UV Protection – Motorization allows you to protect your furnishing by programming your window coverings to close when the sun is brightly shining down.


Motorized window treatments are as great as they seem – honestly, why wait!?  Let Budget Blinds make your home the cool house on the block with custom blinds, shutters, shades and drapers with one-touch operation. Call 651-351-7620 today or email me directly at pbrown@budgetblinds.com


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