HGTV Magazine Chooses Budget Blinds for September Makeover Issue


Budget Blinds steps out as the experts’ choice for HGTV Magazine in their September 2016 Makeover Issue.  HGTV Magazine provided a mega bedroom makeover for the Edwards family. Their bedroom had dull fawn-color walls, broken shutters and a plain white bedroom set that needed to be updated for a modern look. HGTV wanted to transform the couple’s bedroom into a relaxing getaway.

The Edwards’ bedroom BEFORE the HGTV makeover is singularly uninspiring








In order to transform this couple’s bedroom, HGTV focused on:

  • Changing out the dull brown wall color with luxurious lavender
  • Custom-made composite shutters from Budget Blinds
  • Updating solid white furniture to mix-and-match pieces
  • Exchanging the old -style white fan for an artistic light fixture
  • Adding texture to the floor with a lighter, patterned carpet
  • Adding color to their bedding with purple, gray and yellow geometric patterns

A Modern Look with Composite Shutters

A major focal point for the bedroom was their 9-foot x 8-foot window and center arch, covered with “janky DIY shutters” that need a major makeover. “The shutters were here when we bought the house, and we didn’t realize until we moved in that they didn’t close properly,” said Marcus Edwards. The previous shutters were not hinged correctly making them unable to open or close all the way. Also, the arch was covered with a fan shade, making the overall look of the shutters incohesive. HGTV knew this window treatment was a major task and reached out to Budget Blinds, who sent local franchise owner, Jamie Brusse, of Budget Blinds serving Crofton, to provide his design expertise, precise measuring and professional installation services for the Edwards’ home in Baltimore.

Budget Blinds Shutters

To create a clean, relaxing and functional environment, Budget Blinds’ selected white composite shutters from their exclusive Enlightened Style™, product line for the large arched bedroom window. They were measured and custom designed to fit all sections of the window creating a seamless design incorporating the center arch. Composite shutters are prefect to be tailor-made to fit any shape or size window. These custom shutters were hinged to open and close for proper privacy and light control, with a large louver size which allows for the more modern look the Edwards family desired.

Custom Composite Shutters

Composite Shutters Benefits

Enlightened Style composite shutters create a beautiful look and are great for uniquely shaped windows, but they also offer you more than that:

Enlightened Style composite shutters

  • They are highly durable, as their synthetic materials stand up to high-moisture climates
  • They are a low-maintenance window covering that resists cracking and fading and are easy to clean with dry feather duster or soft cloth
  • They block the sun’s harmful UV rays to help lower your energy bills and protect your furniture and floors from fading
  • They are designed without cords making shutters pet friendly and child safe window treatments

Let Budget Blinds help transform your bedroom into the perfect oasis, just as they helped the experts at HGTV!  Budget Blinds offers beautiful shutters as well as a variety of other Enlightened Style window treatments including blinds, shades, custom drapes and more.  If you’re ready for a window makeover like the Edwards family, call 651-351-7620  today to schedule a FREE, in-home consultation or visit us online at


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