Spring Cleaning – Window Treatments

As the owner, operator and interior decorator for Budget Blinds of Stillwater, one of the most common questions I get asked is, “How do I clean my window treatments?” At Budget Blinds we can take care of this professionally for you (ask me how!) or we can lead you in the right direction and give you professional advice on how to DIY your own cleaning! If you choose the latter, here are some common questions (and answers) for you!!

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  • In my professional experience I find that Wood Blinds and Shutters are the easiest to clean. Wood (faux and/or real) is typically resistant to mold and mildew and require occasional dusting to look the best. Easy + Stylish – our upcoming post features wood blinds 🙂

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  • First off: Regular care EXTENDS the LIFE and look of your window treatments – I promise you this! I would love to see clients add “window treatments” to their normal cleaning schedule, but I know thats not entirely realistic. Everyone should clean their window treatments monthly (AT LEAST!) Cleaning is as simple as dusting every now and then. Regular movement can help keep dust from collecting on the surface. *** For delicate treatments (i.e., roman shades) I reccommend professional cleaning (ask me how we can help!)

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  • For a total DIY cleaning approach you can usually use a soft damp cloth and/or duster. You can also use the brush attachment on your vacuum but ONLY if the suction setting is set to the lowest choice. Keep in mind that you should only use cleaning products that are gentle on surfaces. Avoid abrasive products like bleach, which could definitely damage the surface.

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  • Delicate window treatments and draperies often require care from a professional cleaner and should not be cleaned or laundered at home. At Budget Blinds of Stillwater, we partner with Shorty’s Cleaner Launderer to professionally clean all of our window treatments. Ask me about cleaning your window treatments and we can get started today!




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