Take your style to the next level

Accessorize Your Home Like a Professional Designer


So you may not know, but not only do we specialize in professional window treatments, and exceptional customer service 😉 but we are also an amazing source for your home decor accessories. Together, the Budget Blinds of Stillwater (and Western Wisconsin!) carry a combine  20+ years of professional interior decorator experience. We absolutely love what we do and we have a passion for design, we especially love it when we can help our clients not only with window treatments, but with the overall style of the space, and of their home!

Beyond your custom window treatments we want to help you bring your whole home design to lift by coordinating your style with custom accessories like pillows, rugs, bedding and other specialty decor items such as faux iron accents (trendy!)

No need to drive to all over town or spend hours online hunting down just the right accessories to complete your room design.  You can shop our custom products right at home, ensuring that what you order will look perfectly in your space. In addition to this, we can customize your pillows (and other details) to the exact fabric and/or pattern of your window treatments. Keep reading for some quick and easy tips on how to incorporate a professional-level style into your home.. trust me, your friends will notice, whether they want to compliment you or not  😉

(3) tips to professional designing:

   1. There’s no such thing as too many pillows…ever

So listen to this, the same manufacturers of our award-winning curtains and drapes also custom make pillows to match, contrast or compliment your window treatments! In addition to the phenomenal range of fabric choices, you’ll also have embellishment options such as trims, fringes, crystals, buttons and ruffles to inspire your inner decorating diva (I’m obsessed!)


DID YOU KNOW – Throw pillows are just about the easiest way to introduce bold and invigorating colors with a neutral palette in a room. The bright patterns and colors on these throw pillows (pictured above)  provide a sharp contrast to the furniture and shades in the space – they bring the space alive yet keep it simple and clean. Pillows are one of my favorite elements in design, whenever your mood or the seasons change you can easily update your style to reflect and reinvent your color scheme – I just love it!

    2. rugs are for every occasion (and a necessity!)

Indoor and outdoor rugs are easy to care of and are designed to withstand heavy use and all kinds of abuse ( aka spills in your kids playroom, a family game room or even the garage!)Rugs are an important accessory to a living space as they add color and warm up a room. Rugs define the space, add character to a room and even absorb sound. They come in all sizes from small throw rugs to full room-sized custom rugs and to stairway runners. You can customize the content of your rug to include 100% wool, wool blends, polyester, polyester blends, mod-acrylic, silk, nylon, cotton or wool berber (so many options!)


Our custom rugs at Budget Blinds carry a wide range of colors, patterns and styles, made by artisans around the world. From handmade to machine loomed, all of our rugs are high-quality with good/better/best options, so we have rugs for every budget and personal style. Again, check out your options on our website and feel free to ask us for design advise (we love to help you!)

   3. good bedding is key to a good nights sleep

Studies show that the average person spends 26 years of their lifetime sleeping and an additional seven years lying in bed trying to fall asleep. That’s 33 years (that is crazy!) That much time spent anywhere deserves to be in beautiful surroundings, don’t you agree?  Your bedding needs to be make you happy and your bedding needs to reflect your style.

     bedding2     bedding4

Bedding accessories like custom comforters, duvet covers, bedspreads, quilts, daybed covers, bed skirts, pillows and even fabric headboards are all options for designing your dream bedroom. You can coordinate with your curtains, drapes, shades and valances, or design your bed and then tackle the windows – let us help you!  Budget Blinds offers almost endless possibilities of fabric choices, textures, colors and patterns to mix and match to achieve your right ambiance for a good night’s sleep. Let’s connect and schedule your FREE  in-home consultation today and let’s make your dream bedroom a reality.

the bottom line to decorating and accessorizing is to follow your heart, live with what you love. 

Behind all the decorating advice and trends, one constant remains: “Nothing is passé if you really love it.” –RoseTarlow, Interior Designer and Antiques Dealer

No matter what your style sensibilities are, let us help you enhance your home with custom accessories and window treatments you will truly love (because they will reflect you!)

Call us at 651-351-7620 today to schedule a FREE, in-home consultation or go online to www.budgetblinds.com/stillwater  to get inspired! Keep up with us on facebook and follow us on pinterest to keep up with us 🙂


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